Not A Butterfly.

I Am Not A Butterfly.

Dear Whoever,

I am not a butterfly!

It’s what you think - pious, holy, normal you- of me; as a dainty, glassy thing with an easily manipulated mind. A mind robbed by the devil, taken apart and then fixed into something ugly and unacceptable.

Here is a newsflash; I am not an idea. I am not a notion, I may flutter about tentatively finding my own kind of nectar to suck from, but that is something you should understand since you are so judgemental.

I am a human with peculiar wants; which you need to stop seeing as a problem. It is of my very discretion where, and how I find emotional filling.

I don’t want to sound cliché though, you have most likely heard and read rants of despair such as this one, it’s okay if you have, you just never seem to want to understand.

I don’t want you to endure me, I want you to accept me; this is imperative to how much peace you want, because I don’t intend to stop. I cannot stop. You don’t seem to grasp my discomfort. How I smile at you yet yearn to tell you how much I wouldn’t mind going down with you but cannot because the law of the land has criminalized my truest emotions.

I don’t kill. I don’t infect. I don’t steal. Dupe nor assault. I do nothing but love the way my being is familiar with, the way I always will be familiar with.

Make sure to keep a lot of space in your mail box for this rainbow stripped letters. I am not going to stop. Until you care to see as I do, I am not going to be fine about things.

You- Godly, patriotic, Democratic, and infallible- know I am not fine with things, you know.

As well as me not being a Butterfly in your eyes, I asphyxiate.

Unpack your sentiments from your stagnant boxes, it will make this easy for us both.

Toodles now!


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